Friday, May 18, 2012

everything's related

Sometimes you notice how everything's related. I'm closing out an entire week in my studio, with not one trip off-island. Splendid. Even though it's nice to be done with the MECA semester, I'm enjoying working with an art student, Olwyn.

She lives across the street. I've actually drawn almost everyone in her family, who've been handy models on many occasions.

Her younger sister, Imogen, posed for a drawing in my 2011 Sketchbook Project.

And here's their little brother, who provides plenty of amusement, in the same sketchbook.

Nikolai also posed for a recent illustration project, soon to be published by Storey Publishing.
Heads up knitters: it's all about casting on.

 I've even drawn their lovebirds.

Here Olwyn appears as a Santa Lucia attendant.

We've done some life drawing studies together, and Olwyn's mother, Kathryn, gracefully posed for us.

I'm scanning Olwyn's work for her portfolio. Here's an evocative painting she did of Courtney Love awhile ago.

This week we put together Olwyn's zine she just created, "Live Through This." all about Love.

Olwyn's a multi-talented girl. We recently saw her in Circle Mirror Transformation at Lucid Stage.

Above, the cast is doing a talk back with the audience after the performance.
The play, by Annie Baker, is captivating, with resonating insights about art, acting, and relationships.

At 17, Olwyn is the youngest in the cast, but performed with tremendous skill amongst professional peers. Bravo, Olwyn!

On the subject of sketchbooks and relatives, my family's batch is part of the Sketchbook Project 2012, and now on it's way to Los Angeles!

Yep, everything's related.

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