Thursday, May 24, 2012

love that dirty water

I left some of my heart in Boston years ago. It was my formative post-college city for 8 amazing years.

I did the above illustration eons ago, but it still captures my vibe for Kenmore Square. See the moon?
I recently connected with Nancy F Passmore, esteemed publisher of Luna Press, to which I have contributed for 30 years. We roamed about the MFA for three languid hours, catching up under the lights.

 I have Buddha on the brain, for a current project. Plenty of exquisite places to pause for meditation.

We made our way through the maze of galleries to see Seeking Shambhala,
an exhibit that contrasts old and new. Delighted to find the work of Gonkar Gyatso, who made this divine halo by secular means.

Check out the crafty detail, you sticker lovers.

There's a whole statue covered this way, in the center of all the Tibetan paintings acquired over a hundred years ago.

All the Asian art made me swoon. I did this drawing of Saraswati last year. Should have
visited the Asian wing for proper immersion.

Understood the neon wisdom here.

We also visited Paper Zoo, where I fell in love with a very graphic turtle.

Something about the symmetry of turtles, their slow but sure magnitude, is a fantastic drawing challenge. I drew this turtle for A Warmer World.

I was also drawn to Beauty as Duty, a startling lesson in British war-time fashion. Who knew that austerity measures meant patriotic scarves?

I noticed during my recent trip to London that the Brits do love their flag. Who doesn't? My favorite souvenirs show the same colors.

This Getty image is spooky. I try to imagine the prospect of daily life with gas masks, but what leaps to mind instead is "are you my mummy?" from Dr. Who.

Meandering back to the exit, I discovered a room of magical instruments. What kind of song could be played with this?

I can hear it. Can you? Enough to make this mermaid surface in my pastel.

I was quite moved by the sculptures flanking the Fenway entrance.

The enormous baby heads beckon me to be like new, to see everything for the first time.
I headed back to Kenmore Square, washed by rain and memory, feeling young.

Boston, you bring me back every time.


Deb Perugi said...

Your pastels are fabulous.

Nancy said...

Love your musical mermaid! You make me feel as if I were there!