Wednesday, May 9, 2012

pop up show at Charlesbridge

In honor of Children's Book Week, Charlesbridge Publishing had the brilliant idea for a pop-up show in the empty office space two flights below theirs, on Main Street in Watertown, MA.

I bopped down with Curious Co-Pilot, Kirsten Cappy, in dotty style. Trivia question: what are we holding?

I brought along original sketches and my toy polar bear that provided handy reference for A Warmer World.

Some framed pieces were part of an incredibly abundant exhibit of children's book illustration.

I'm thrilled by the company I'm in! Here's one of Rafael Lopez's paintings:

Love this phoenix by Ralph Masiello:

And I was delighted to see a piggy by David Hyde Costello:

I had the honor of meeting several folks, like Hazel Mitchell, Leslie Evans, and Stuart J. Murphy.
And the publisher, Brent Farmer!

Familiar faces not seen in way too long totally made my day: Richard Goldberg, Jim Roldan, Sarah Goodman, Sue Gilzow, and Ina Rubin.

Nancy Wovers brought her talented daughter, Isabelle, who shared her sketchbooks and some recent paintings. Wow, the girl is good!

Keep drawing and painting, Isabelle!

I also saw first proofs for my most recent project, Here Come the Humpbacks, due out next year.

Lots and lots of blue, yes.

On a good tip, we discovered a rare breakfast destination before leaving town the next morning.

The Deluxe Station Diner is something out of the past and the future, with stylings by none other than Mark Fisher. He happened to be on the same trolley I took to my first portfolio visit at the Boston Globe. Um, over thirty years ago.

 We gobbled down banana bread under the shiny eyes of this fellow.

Time to hit the road. My trusty co-pilot led the way from our blast to the past back to Maine.

Thanks to Donna Spurlock, princess of the pop-up show, and Charlesbridge for showcasing the joyful labors of the children's book world!

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